Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Rome - The Vatican. If this is the first picture you're seeing, the other pictures of Rome are at the end. But anyway, the Vatican is one of the smallest nations on earth, located entirely within the city of Rome. It may be small,.but it is one of the largest customers of Swiss Banks, even after all the payouts to lawsuits. It is certainly imposing and home to St Peter's Cathedral and the residence of the Pope. Posted by Hello

The Paris Opera House. Yes, the Phantom lived in catacombs underneath, but he died in the story. It is a beautiful building. Wished I had got a chance to see inside. Posted by Hello

Paris - View of the River Seine near the Lourve. What more can I say? Posted by Hello

The Lourve Musuem in Paris and the new pyramid court finished in 1989. The Louvre buildings are a little older. Posted by Hello

Notre Dame Cathedral - very majestic and famed Paris landmark. They told me the hunchback died. I thought about applying for the job, but had to move on. Posted by Hello

Paris - a street painter. Near Notre Dame. On a bridge over the Seine. Does this conjur up enough visions of romance for you? Posted by Hello

The Eiffel Tower at night. This is THE Paris landmark since 1889, although there was a movement during WWII to tear it down and use the iron in the war movement. I wonder if that was before or after Germany invaded it. Anyway it still stands today. Posted by Hello

Now to Paris - (I just thought, that since you are probably looking at the last pictures first, this doesn't make any sense to you) Anyway this is a scene of the Seine River during a sunset cruise. Kind of romantic. Posted by Hello

A view of the Royal Gardens as seen from The Royal Palace. They are huge, but really nice. Impressive. I was going to make an inappropriate political comment, but since I like the French (can I say that, being American without getting in trouble at home?), I decided better of it. Posted by Hello

A Versailles city scene. I got 3 windows and some chimneys in this shot. Posted by Hello

Ok, back to Versailles. This is of a Cathedral in the city proper. Posted by Hello

Well back to Versailles in a bit, but on to Paris and the Arch de Triomphe, which was ordered built by Napoleon but only completed after his demise and exile. He would have liked it. Posted by Hello

On to France and Versailles. This young lady was catching a few quick winks at The Royal Palace. Maybe she had walked as much as I had.  Posted by Hello

Mt. Titlis - view from the summit of this 10,000 foot mountain. Blue skies still prevailed, views were wonderful. We had to take a series of 3 cable cars to get to the top. Posted by Hello

View of the River Reuss and bridge (I also like bridges) early morning.  Posted by Hello

Lucerne - sunrise from the battlements They have a lot of spires in Lucerne, which adds to the charm of this town of 600,000. Posted by Hello

Lucerne - a harbor shot at night. I like the mood of this pic. Posted by Hello

Kalli (see I used her English name) enjoying the peaceful sunset cruise on Lake Lucerne. Posted by Hello

A long bus ride and on to my favorite city of the trip - Lucerne (well, that's the American spelling, also known as Luzern). This is a picture at sunset from our lake cruise. Posted by Hello

Milan's Sforza Castle, built in 1450 as a military fortress, later converted to the Royal Residence, now a rememberence of grandor days Posted by Hello

Milan - painter at work. Nice mood piece, I think. Posted by Hello

Milan Galleria (the Arcades) is not your typical shopping mall, dating back to 1877.  Posted by Hello

Kai Ling (her new English name is Kalli) and daughter Diana. Looks like they are enjoying themselves. Posted by Hello

Milan - a typical street scene (really). Milan has some great buildings, neat sidewalk cafes, and so much more that I didn't have time to see in our 3 short hours (including lunch) Posted by Hello

The Cathedral in Milan (The Duomo). St. Peter's may be the largest in the world, Notre Dame may be better known, but for my money this is the most beautiful - inside and out. Posted by Hello